If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

"In my research to live a healthier life style, I found the "Spiralizer". I chose to purchase it after reading all the positive comments of how easy it is to use, seeing the demonstrations, planning meals, and pictures of the end result of the vegetables and fruits. My wife and I tried the "Spiralizer" today, and are so impressed with how easy it is to use. We purchased a wide a assortment of vegetables, and are excited about incorporating more fruits and vegetables to our meals.

I am attaching some pictures of the vegetables we "Spiralized" today. We are trying veggies such as beets, that may have never been on our menu before. We made our first meal using the butternut squash as a stir fry with Asian spices and sauces. We can't believe how easy this is, and how great everything tastes. Thank you for providing such a great product!"

Richard Rivera, USA

"This is awesome! I use it all the time! Mostly for making zucchini noodles and creating raw bowls but it has so many different ways it can be used. Tips: clean right after use because if you don't the dried veg can get pretty stuck in there and can be difficult to get out. And those blades are SHARP and are lurking in unexpected places (at least they were unexpected for me) so don't go sticking your fingers in there trying to free a piece of vegetable, as you will get sliced!

Does fine in the dishwasher. This might look like a simple little kitchen tool, a little dinky, but it get the job done exceptionally well and that's really what I was after. Several friends of mine have purchased this following my rave uses from it and they all love it too!"

Ashton, USA

"I was excited, but reaaaally skeptical of the Spiralizer. I really wanted it to work, but have been burned over the years from other companies selling produce slicers, etc. I am newly vegan, so I wanted something to make noodles from vegetables. I gotta say, it's just as great as it advertises! It made beautiful noodles from my squash. It's nice and sturdy, and super easy to clean. LOVE IT! Super easy to use, too. Will be using this all the time. I highly recommend it. I sent a message to customer service to let them know how much I loved the product, and they sent back very nice and personal reply. Great experience overall!"

Marie, USA